What is Polimonitor?

Political twitter intelligence

PoliMonitor helps track important and fast moving political discussions taking place on Twitter, away from debating chambers and television studios.

Users can know instantly when any Parliamentarian in any European country, in any language, mentions them or issues they're interested in, with translated Tweets arriving in their inbox within minutes.

We also help users use this data to understand long term trends and engage policy makers more effectively.

How it works


Search for Terms

Just enter the terms you want to track. Select which lists of Parliamentarians you want to follow. Then search our database to see all the Tweets which contain your keywords.


Save and setup alerts

If you want to see all future Tweets which mention these terms, just press create alert. A daily email alert will then arrive in your inbox once a day at 3:30pm containing all the Tweets which mention these terms from the past 24 hours.

(NOTE - You'll need to create a free PoliMonitor account to create this alert and if you'd like instant alerts, you can start a free trial of our premium PoliMonitor Plus service.)


Manage and monitor

Once created, alerts can be edited or deleted at any time by logging into the system. In alert data shows you how many Tweets and ReTweets there have been for each term, making monitoring that little bit easier still.


Proactively monitor your brand

Businesses, charities and trade bodies and their issues are increasingly being discussed by MPs on Twitter, so any communications professional needs to know what is being said on this key political social media platform.

Understand the impact of your communication

If you're running a campaign, it's crucial to know not just how many times it has been mentioned by Parliamentarians in Parliament, but also how many times by Parliamentarians on social media. Chances are they've mentioned it a lot more there with these Tweets seen by hundreds of thousands of people, compared to the thousands who might be watching televised Parliamentary debates.

Automate social media management

Finding and following over 5,000 Parliamentarians on Twitter, searching their Tweets every 5 minutes for several terms, potentially in over 20 different languages is an impossible task for a human. But our powerful technology solutions can do this automatically, crunching millions of Tweets to show you only the discussions you need to see, when you need to see them.

You're in good company ...