Features that save time and boost impact

Our industry leading tools and features will save you hours and make you the office rockstar, leaving colleagues wondering how you did it.

Instant Alerts

Don't wait up to 24 hours to see important Tweets in your daily alerts. See them immidiately with our Instant Alert feature, allowing you to flag to colleagues and if needed challenge, correct or celebrate what they are saying.


Get a deeper understanding of what people are saying about you and your issues. See how many times your terms have been mentioned each month, how your Top Tweeters are, and where the interest lies among the different political audiences you track.


Easily create management reports by pinning important Tweets to Boards which you can share with colleagues. Also import other important intelligence to these Boards, including other relevant Tweets and screenshots as well as entering text straight to the boards. When ready, easily export to a Word doc to edit further and share with colleagues.


Our additional analysis tools allow you to have an even deeper understanding on the conversations which are important to you. See how the mentions of you and your key terms breakdown based on Political Party, Gender, Region and over time between specific date ranges. While you might think you've got good traction in Parliament, it might be that nearly all the mentions are by one Party in one place, meaning you have a relatively narrow foundation of support or interest.


Tweets are automatically translated into the language of your choice, allowing you to read and understand what politicians from across the world are saying.

For example, there may be there are 10 Tweets from 10 different Parliaments in 10 different languages in one day. All will arrive you inbox in your native language, with in alert data showing you which Parliament each person is from.

Comparison PoliMonitor Free v PoliMonitor Plus

PoliMonitor Free PoliMonitor Plus
Alerts One alert daily Unlimited, daily & instant
Account set-up X Identify, translate & setup terms
Statistics Dashboard Included Included
Reports X Manage, export & share twitter boards
Analytics X Data Analysis
Tranlsation service X Receive daily monitoring in 28 languages